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An accomplished chamber musician, a child of music.

– Yehudi Menuhin

Steve possesses an absolutely natural musical feeling and sense of form. His instrumental endowment is so convincing that he is a true cello talent.

– Erling Blondal Bengtsson

Steve provided the audience with an appropriate ambience, heightening their receptivity. I have greatly appreciated and enjoyed working with Steve. His openness and familiarity with the themes of the film and his interpretation of his own works all worked toward making the film what it was meant to be, a fully integrated work.

– Ivars Sillis

Steve Kramer worked with me at the High School of Music in Malmö. Exploring the world of music with Steve makes me realize that he possesses a unique talent with his instrument. Although he is still young, he displays a remarkable feeling for musical expression in everything he plays. His control of technical challenges combined with his personality makes him, I believe, one of the most promising cellists at present.

– Mats Rondin